Viking Containment has extensive experience in the supply and installation of biofilter liner systems for wastewater containment and odour control. Geoshield High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner is installed to cover the biofilter base and sidewalls. The pipe penetrations are then fabricated and sealed around the inlet manifold and drainage outlet. All our liner projects are […]

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Viking offers a wide selection of geomembrane ideally suited for hydro applications. HDPE geomembrane liners are a cost-effective way to line dams and headrace canals, providing durability and performance. Material options include reflective white to reduce thermal expansion, smooth surface for increased flow rates and/or textured surface for increased friction angles when earth cover protection

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Water Tanks

Viking offers a wide selection of geosynthetics and accessories for tank applications. Geoshield HDPE can be utilised for potable water (meets AS/NZS 4020 Standard) and is also compatible with most industrial effluents. For high vertical walls and baffle curtains, we use scrim-reinforced geomembranes – Elvaloy, FPP or RPP.

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Gas Barriers

Viking Containment has extensive experience in the supply and installation of liner systems for building foundations, cut-off walls and gas barrier systems. Geomembrane selection is dependent on the substance to be contained; we can provide chemical compatibility and vapour permeability testing to determine the appropriate material for a specific project. Penetrations, perimeter sealing methods and

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