Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are high-performance environmental liners consisting of two needle-punched geotextile layers encapsulating a layer of sodium bentonite for sealing.

These high-strength durable geotextiles are used primarily as a substitute for compacted clay liners in areas such as landfills, secondary containments, and surface impoundments. They can also be used in irrigation conservation, as natural pool liners, and effluent ponds.

Features & Benefits

  • Viking’s GCL offers needle-punched reinforcement to meet the high internal shear strength requirements of steep slope projects.
  • Viking’s GCL meets stringent Quality Control and Assurance testing for strength, durability and consistency.
  • Nationwide installation teams, qualified to international standards.
  • Material warranty up to 20 years.

General Areas of Application

  • Landfill containment liners and capping
  • Secondary containment
  • Chemical containment
  • Reservoir and pond liners, and irrigation canals
  • Mining
  • Stormwater ponds

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