Geosynthetic Product Manual



Viking Containment Geosynthetic Product Manual. This product manual provides you with a comprehensive guide to Viking Containment’s Geosynthetic products and services.

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    1.0 Geomembranes

    Geomembrane Portfolio

    Geomembrane Selection, Geoshield HDPE Smooth, Geoshield HDPE Textured, Geoshield LLDPE, Agrishield, Butyl, Elvaloy, EPDM, Flexishield FPP, Flexishield RPP.

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      2.0 GCL

      GCL Portfolio

      GCL Product Description, GCL Installation Guidelines, Bentomat ST Technical Data, Bentomat DN Technical Data, Bentomat CL Technical Data.

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        3.0 Geotextiles, Geocomposites, Geogrids

        Geosynthetics Portfolio

        Geoflow Manual, Gridshield UHD, Gridshield BPP, TexSheild NW, Viking Silt Fence, Titan Uni-Axial PET Geogrid.

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          4.0 Case Studies

          AFFCO Horotiu Floating Cover
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          Kate Valley Landfill
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          Mt Grand Reservoir
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          Wanganui Wastewater Treatment Plant
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            5.0 Installation


            Viking Containment produced this specification to provide information and advice about Agrishield based geosynthetic lining systems for use in Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) ponds.

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            Geolock Installation

            These diagrams provide a guideline for Geolock installation.

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            This document provides procedures for the installation of CETCO GCLs in a manner that maximises safety, efficiency, and the physical integrity of the Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL).

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            IAGI HDPE & LLDPE

            The information herein has been composed by IAGI in accordance with current quality control and quality assurance standards of the geomembrane industry.

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              6.0 QA & QC

              GSI Specifications, Guides and Practices
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              Locus of Break Codes
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              Producer Statement Sample
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              Site Quality Assurance Forms Sample
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              Worksmanship Warranty Sample
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                7.0 Typical Details

                Baffle Curtain Crest Anchored
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                Baffle Curtain Slope Anchored
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                Earthen Anchor Trench
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                Emergency Overflow Spillway
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                Geoflow Geocomposite and Vent Flap
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                Geolock Liner Attachment
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                Mechanical Anchor
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                Pipe Flange Connection
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                Pipe Penetrations
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                  8.0 Miscellaneous Products

                  Miscellaneous Products

                  GEOLOCK, GEOLADDER, Viking Vent.

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