The GEOLADDER® was designed to provide safe access in or out of steep sloped ponds. It is manufactured out of heavy duty Geoshield HDPE geomembrane with solid rungs for strength and durability.

The side slope surface of a lined pond is very slippery especially when wet. The geoladder will provide safe access for emergency evacuation of a pond or can be utilised for maintenance when servicing pumps or control equipment.

The GEOLADDER® is welded permanently to form an integral part of the liner system. There are no loose ends that may tangle or block pumps, sumps, mixers and or aerators.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-slip rungs.
  • Safe access for traversing steep slopes.
  • Custom-made for your pond.
  • Integral part of the liner system.
  • Durable HDPE materials are Ultraviolet resistant.
  • Frost resistant.
  • Will not catch the wind or be detrimental to the liner system.
  • Will not affect pond operations.


  • 5.0 m length x 300 mm rungs
  • 7.5 m length x 300 mm rungs
  • 10.0 m length x 300 mm rungs
  • Tailored to your requirements

Colour & Finishes

  • White on black for visibility
  • Black on black for lower visual impact
  • Make your pond safe with a GEOLADDERâ„¢

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