Viking Vent

The VIKING VENT is manufactured in black polyethylene and is designed for use with Agrishield or Geoshield HDPE liner systems. The vent is positioned on the crest of the pond above the GEOFLOW geocomposite and extrusion welded to the liner at strategic locations. The GEOFLOW geocomposite and VIKING VENT provide a permanent gas pathway for […]

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The GEOLADDER® was designed to provide safe access in or out of steep sloped ponds. It is manufactured out of heavy duty Geoshield HDPE geomembrane with solid rungs for strength and durability. The side slope surface of a lined pond is very slippery especially when wet. The geoladder will provide safe access for emergency evacuation

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GEOLOCK® is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) anchor profile that can be cast in place or vibrated into newly poured concrete. After the removal of the forms the exposed welding surface allows the geomembrane liner to be extrusion welded to the Geolock. The Geolock system provides a high strength mechanical anchor and a permanent seal

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Gridshield UHD

Gridshield UHD is a uniaxial geogrid designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement. It is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) polymer sheet. The apertures in the HDPE sheet are formed through the process of extruding, punching and then heating and longitudinal stretching. Uniaxial Gridshield has high tensile strength under load and low creep deformation. It

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Gridshield BPP

Gridshield BPP is a biaxial geogrid designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement. It is manufactured from polypropylene polymer sheet. The apertures in the polypropylene sheet are formed through the process of extruding, punching, heating and then longitudinal and transverse stretching. Biaxial Gridshield has high strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions and is used in

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Geoflow Geocomposites

Geoflow is a high performance geocomposite for drainage and gas management applications. Geoflow consists of a biaxial geonet manufactured from high density polyethylene heat bonded to a polypropylene nonwoven geotextile fabric available in either a single or double-sided configuration. The geonet provides a flow path for liquid and gases and the geotextile acts as a

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Texshield NW Geotextiles

TEXSHIELD® NW is our range of Non-Woven geotextiles. It is manufactured from polypropylene or polyester staple fibres which are mechanically bonded through needle-punching to form a strong, flexible and dimensionally stable fabric structure, with optimum pore sizes and high permeability. It is resistant to chemicals and biological organisms normally found in soils and are stabilized

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Flexishield ELVA

Flexishield ELVA is a reinforced EIA (Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy) geomembrane. It offers high-strength scrim reinforcement for superior tear resistance, and encapsulated edges. Flexshield ELVA is available for a wide range of potable water and industrial grade applications.

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Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) geomembranes exhibit outstanding performance characteristics in both residential and commercial applications. Its durability and flexibility to form over earth contours and difficult shapes makes it ideal for landscaping and water features.

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Butyl geomembrane is manufactured from a Butyl – EPDM polymer blend. Butyl has exceptionally high resistance to diffusion by gases and liquids (other than mineral oils and solvents). Butyl’s flexibility allows it to be used for tanks, decorative ponds, roofing and waterproofing. Prefabricated panels are constructed to the required dimensions using reliable factory vulcanised seams.

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