Welcome to the Viking Containment downloads section.

Our downloads section includes a Geosynthetic Product Manual, Typical Details, Installation Specifications, and QA Forms.

AFFCO Horotiu Floating Cover
Case Studies, Product Manual 176.32 KB
GCL Portfolio

GCL Product Description, GCL Installation Guidelines, Bentomat ST Technical Data, Bentomat DN Technical Data, Bentomat CL Technical Data.

GCL, Product Manual 1.14 MB
Geomembrane Portfolio

Geomembrane Selection, Geoshield HDPE Smooth, Geoshield HDPE Textured, Geoshield LLDPE, Agrishield, Butyl, Elvaloy, EPDM, Flexishield FPP, Flexishield RPP.

Geomembranes, Product Manual 1.16 MB
Geosynthetics Portfolio

Geoflow Manual, Gridshield UHD, Gridshield BPP, TexSheild NW, Viking Silt Fence, Titan Uni-Axial PET Geogrid.

Geotextiles, Geocomposites, Geogrids, Product Manual 6.04 MB

Viking Containment Geosynthetic Product Manual. This product manual provides you with a comprehensive guide to Viking Containment’s Geosynthetic products and services.

Introduction, Product Manual 325.25 KB
Kate Valley Landfill
Case Studies, Product Manual 204.48 KB
Miscellaneous Products


Miscellaneous Products, Product Manual 559.65 KB
Mt Grand Reservoir
Case Studies, Product Manual 219.64 KB
Wanganui Wastewater Treatment Plant
Case Studies, Product Manual 157.72 KB
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